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Dino Jauge de profondeur pour pneu 130005

Dino Jauge de profondeur pour pneu 130005 Jauges de profondeur pneus Auto et Moto


How did I get onto the rollercoaster of being an Entrepreneur?

In 1994 I was coming up to the end of a Degree in International Marketing at what was then Athlone Regional Technical College and is now Athlone Institute of Technology (AIT). It was a four-year degree and I loved it. I was incredibly lucky in picking a course I loved, because I went in knowing nothing about it! Our family business was engineering (electroplating to be exact) and the late 80’s in Ireland if there was a family business you went into it. Mainly because there were no other jobs in Ireland at the time.

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Do or do not, there is no try

Start Ups

Getting from the idea to market. It's not as easy as many people think!

Scale Ups

Once you get your idea to market, now you have to grow


Social Media is not marketing. Having a Facebook page is not a marketing strategy


The key here is quality, not quantity


Start Up/Scale Up strategies, some marketing and comments on things that annoy me in business









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Dino Jauge de profondeur pour pneu 130005

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Dino Jauge de profondeur pour pneu 130005

Dino Jauge de profondeur pour pneu 130005
Dino Jauge de Profondeur pour Pneu 130005: Auto et Moto.