Hi and welcome.

I am the co-founder and CEO of PiP iT Global, a FinTech start up based in Galway in the west of Ireland.

This site isn’t specifically about PiP iT, it’s about my experiences as an entrepreneur in the Start Up world. Before PiP iT, I was involved in several other Start Ups – they included a comic shop, a DJ agency, an energy management business and a tool design company. I was founder/managing director/CEO of these with varying degrees of ‘success’. From each experience I learned more and was able to bring that learning with me into the next business. Learning from my mistakes, but also from my successes.

As well as those Start Ups, from 1998 to 2018 I owned a consultancy for Start Ups, Scale Ups (being the growth phase after being a Start Up) and SMEs. Over that twenty-year period, I worked with approximately 200 companies helping them with Market Research, Strategy, Marketing Planning and Implementation. I learned a lot from them too.

I have almost always lived in Ireland and since 1994 in the west of Ireland however my experiences in business have spanned EU, Africa, North America, India and China.

This site isn’t offering any services. I’m not selling anything. My career has been based on helping companies to succeed. In this site my ‘experiences’ page will outline the businesses I have been directly involved in as case studies which hopefully will provide you some insight into progressing your own business or solving some problem you have been wrestling with.

The Blog is home for my thoughts and rants on the rollercoaster life in a start-up. Hopefully, these will also provide some insight… and be more than just rants!