I will be adding in recommendations for books that I found really useful. Some of them will be pure business books, but some won’t be. I’ll keep adding to the list as I read more, so keep coming back.

I’m also interested in recommendations from you. Anything you think I will like, send me a link (or the book!)

The Hard Things About Hard Things
Ben Horowitz

In his introduction, Horowitz describes this book as a guide for what you need to know that isn’t in other business books, and he’s right.

This book isn’t about strategy or how to start a business, it’s about the hard realities of starting and growing a business. Realities like having to make cuts when things aren’t going to plan. The reality of having to let people go, people who could be friends who started to work with you when the business was new. It is about facing into those decisions regardless of how difficult they are.

In Horowitz’s opinion the difference between a company that will succeed and one that will fail can be the leaders ability to make those decisions. I think he is right.

In reading this book, I could see mistakes I had made in the past by making decisions for the wrong reason. Taking the easy route and not the best one. That ‘easy route’ will come back to haunt you, so in the long run you are not doing yourself any favours.

I read this book first when I was in Dot Forge Accelerator, which was probably the perfect time to read it. I have referred back to it many times since.