Presentation on 'Who Can I Sell to?'

This is video of a presentation I have in the Portershed in Galway, May 2023. The title is 'Who Can I Sell To?' and the content is based on segmenting the marketplace, positioning the brand in the

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Market Sizing Talk

On May 4th, I gave a talk in Galway's Portershed tech coworking space (broadcast on Zoom) on Market Sizing. From my experience with Founders, they are generally domain experts e.g. software compani

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The Value of Mentoring

Over the course of my time as CoFounder and CEO of Pipit Global, I have experienced the value of having a great mentor and have started to pay that back by mentor

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Joining the Board of YouthBank International

I have recently been invited to join the Board of YouthBank International (YBI). The invitation was quite unexpected, but I am delighted to have a

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Techstars Web3 Mentoring

Recently, I have been mentoring with the LaunchPool Techstars Web3 Accelerator in Dublin. My previous mentoring, with NDRC and Village Capital have all been FinTech companies and all ‘Web2’. I

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Future of Money - Fintech in Africa

Here is a link to the Future of Money event I talked at recently. The topic was Fintech in Africa with myself representing the c

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What's the Common Purpose

I have just completed the Common Purpose Senior Leadership program. This is an international program which is designed to develop ‘leaders who can cross boundaries between geographies, generation

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What is Success?

Over the last few weeks, several events and discussions got me thinking of the nature of success. What exactly is it? I was interviewed for View More

Critique Of My Own Pitch

As the CEO of a start-up you spend a lot of time pitching your company. You pitch it for sales, you pitch it for recruitment, you pitch it for a slot to pitch at a pitching event and, of course, you p

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Is your business ‘Investment Ready?’

Start Up So, you have a great idea for a business. It’s going to be global! Best idea ever! Only problem is you need some cash to get it up and running. Who to ask? Usually th

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