Techstars Web3 Mentoring

Recently, I have been mentoring with the LaunchPool Techstars Web3 Accelerator in Dublin. My previous mentoring, with NDRC and Village Capital have all been FinTech companies and all ‘Web2’. I

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Future of Money - Fintech in Africa

Here is a link to the Future of Money event I talked at recently. The topic was Fintech in Africa with myself representing the c

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What's the Common Purpose

I have just completed the Common Purpose Senior Leadership program. This is an international program which is designed to develop ‘leaders who can cross boundaries between geographies, generation

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What is Success?

Over the last few weeks, several events and discussions got me thinking of the nature of success. What exactly is it? I was interviewed for View More

Critique Of My Own Pitch

As the CEO of a start-up you spend a lot of time pitching your company. You pitch it for sales, you pitch it for recruitment, you pitch it for a slot to pitch at a pitching event and, of course, you p

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Is your business ‘Investment Ready?’

Start Up So, you have a great idea for a business. It’s going to be global! Best idea ever! Only problem is you need some cash to get it up and running. Who to ask? Usually th

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Circular Economy

Earlier this year I participated in a fascinating tour of ANB ARMO bank in Amsterdam as part of Michael Darcy’s (Ireland’s Minister for State responsible for FinTech) – trip to Money 20/20. I a

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Pitch the Experts

May 2017 attended the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas. This was as part of my role in Invention Services/Easytool. We were there to meet partners and distributors for our hardware range. At the

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Why Are We Doing This?

At a recent gathering with some of my founder colleagues, we were discussing where we are with our businesses. We were all on a rollercoaster! Of the five of us, three were in the middle of/just be

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Every year there is a toy craze. One toy, suddenly and often inexplicably, becomes the must have toy for children around the world. As soon as this happens, retailers run out of stock (this is the in

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